Areas of practice

Personal injury
& accidents.

If you have been involved in an accident, or have been injured or deceased will fight to make sure you obtain the justice and compensation you

Criminal defense

Hiring a licensed and experienced attorney can be the difference between keeping or losing
your freedom. I will work to see that your rights are asserted and protected from day one through trial.
Giving you the certainty, peace, and reassurance, that you understood the process, knowing all along
that your rights were protected throughout the process.

Immigration law

A licensed attorney is licensed to give legal assistance and updated regarding the constant
shifts in U.S. immigration policy.

If the immigration process is inadequately carried out, the foreign citizen is at risk of being penalized
and denied all opportunities to adjust their immigration status in the country.

Have you become a victim of immigration consulting fraud? Visit, a project
dedicated to put an end to immigration consulting fraud.

The Fight Notario Fraud project is operated by The Commission on Immigration through the American
Bar Association (ABA). This website is part of the organization’s efforts to educate and protect
consumers from notario fraud and immigration scams.

Family law

In the absence of competent legal advice, people often find it difficult to
know their parental and property rights risking serious economic and emotional consequences.